Pastry-tips 3

Who will be the fastest ? the leader ? the kitchen assistant ? or the one with the Multidouille ?
13 April 2024 by
Pastry-tips 3

En exclusivité... Dans la famille Multidouille, avec les plateaux éphémères, à chaque occasion, son motif Par exemple, pochez la Chantilly en forme de Cœur lors de la Saint Valentin ou la fête des mères...

Set 1 tray of your choice

To each his own style...

Set 3 Plateaux au choix

The hardest part is choosing...

Set 4 Plateaux Circulaires

To stay classic...

Set Complet 

Something to change every day...

Discover the revolution in the world of pastry: the MULTIDOUILLE, the kitchen utensil that allows you to enhance your sweet creations with unparalleled simplicity. Just one press is enough to transform your piping bag into an essential pastry tool.

The MULTIDOUILLE is equipped with a large pastry tip, ideal for bringing your most delicious desserts to life. Whether you want to pipe a delicate rosette of whipped cream on a crispy shortbread, create swirls of whipped ganache to coat your chocolate cakes, or garnish cupcakes with tangy lemon curd, this marvel of kitchen equipment will make your job easier.

No more hassle with traditional piping tips, tedious recipes, and inconsistent results. The MULTIDOUILLE makes baking accessible to everyone, whatever your skill level or the time you have. You will be able to make quick and easy recipes that will impress your guests.

Imagine creating elegant chocolate decorations on your desserts in an instant, or garnishing éclairs with professional precision. All this is within your reach thanks to the MULTIDOUILLE.

Don't let your traditional piping tips hold you back in your quest for culinary perfection. Opt for the MULTIDOUILLE and discover a new dimension of pastry, where creativity is limitless, and where each dessert becomes a work of art. So, don't wait any longer, get to work and transform your sweet creations with the MULTIDOUILLE!