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A family business

Chefinov is above all a family story between the son, Denis, passionate about his cooking job and his father Michel, retired but still passionate about new technologies.

Making pastry decorations takes time and requires a lot of concentration and mastery. So why not make this job easier?

Thanks to current cutting-edge technology, we were able to bring the idea to life and complete the prototypes that led to the final product: the Multidouille.

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From idea to creation

We were looking for a solution that would save time without compromising on the quality and consistency of our decorations.  We had the idea, we just had to put it into practice, and it was after a long journey that we were able to bring the multi-socket to market in early 2023.

The multidouille is now patented and also complies with current food standards. It's designed to last because it's virtually unbreakable, and it's colorless, so you can see the air bubbles inside before use and make adjustments accordingly.

Dernièrement primé MEDAILLE D'OR au Concours Lépine 2024.

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Un concept made in France

The principle is simple: accomplish in one step what is typically done in 6 or 7 steps.

Testé par des professionnels de la restauration et amateurs qui vérifient que le modèle créé répond bien aux attentes et si des ajustements doivent être apportés. Lorsque tout est validé la multidouille est alors fabriquée et prête à être livrée pour que vous puissiez l'utiliser dans votre cuisine.

 The entire manufacturing process (design, testing, production) is made in France.

Depuis début 2024, 11 plateaux différents sont disponibles.

Set 1 tray of your choice

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We answer below the most frequently asked questions that you probably have

​ Technical questions about the multidouille 

What are the advantages of the multidouille?

Speed and consistency are the core of the concept   :​

- Speed : A single squeeze of the bag is enough. This can reduce the number of steps by up to 7 times

La démonstration en vidéo ici 

- Consistency : The spacing between each nozzle is consistent

 The Multidouille is made from copolymer partially sourced with renewable materials. It complies with current food standards and does not contain bisphenol.

The tray has a diameter of 6cm. Ideal for filling entremets, cupcakes, and individual pies with a single squeeze, typically between 7 and 9cm.

You can also use it for cakes of all sizes.

Absolutely. The copolymer used is heat-resistant and can be washed in a dishwasher (domestic or professional).

Of course, if you prefer, you can wash it by hand.

Questions about using the multidouille

Yes! Designing new models takes time; however, by the end of 2023, two new trays models should be available on our website.

For what preparations can I use the Multidouille?

Vous pouvez utiliser la multidouille pour toute vos préparations habituelles sucrées ou salées.

Nous vous recommandons cependant de bien vérifier à ne pas avoir de morceaux ou de grumeaux.

Absolutely! The Multidouille tray connects with a nozzle that has a traditional shape. Don't need to change your piping bag.

You can store the remaining cream in your piping bag by refrigerating it until the next day.

For this, it's quite simple :​

-  Unscrew the housing with the Multinozzle platter

 - Seal the end of the nozzle with the cap that fits over it and store it in the fridge.

 Questions about the delivery​

Delivery times vary depending on the delivery method you have chosen.

In any case, please allow 2 to 3 business days for us to prepare and then send out your order

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Where delivery is available?

We deliver to France and the European Community, but delivery to other countries will be available soon.

Rest assured that we will keep you informed whenever possible.

It depends. The shipping time (the time it takes to send your order) is 2 to 3 business days.​

The delivery time varies depending on the chosen delivery method. So, the first thing to do if it's been within 10 business days after your order is to be patient.

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