CHEFINOV® offers a new concept of piping making it easier to decorate your culinary preparations.

This innovative utensil is simple and handles like a traditional pipping bag. 

CHEFINOV® offers a new concept of piping making it easier to decorate your culinary preparations. 

This innovative utensil is simple and handles like a traditional pipping bag.

Les Linéaires

Les Linéaires

Les Linéaires

Les Linéaires

Les Linéaires

Les Linéaires

Les Circulaires

Les Linéaires

 Les Monos + Bouchon

Les Ephémères

Sur mesure

Les Cocktails

Les Linéaires

Les Linéaires

Les Linéaires

Les Linéaires

Les Linéaires

Les Linéaires

Les Circulaires

Les Linéaires

 Les Monos + Bouchon

Les Ephémères

Sur mesure

Les Cocktails

The various types of trays​ 

Our best sellers

Set 1 tray of your choice

To each his own style...

Set 3 trays of your choice

The hardest part is choosing...

Set 4 Circulars trays

To stay classic...

Complet Set 

Something to change every day...

Circular trays

Round in shape, the trays allow you to fill pie bases, verrines, shortbread, etc., with a diameter of 8 to 12 cm....  

Depending on the tray chosen, you can alternate between fluted, plain or St Honore sockets giving a different visual.

Also practical for a large dessert, it reduces handling by covering the surface evenly.

For example, the Rubis tray is made up of 5 fluted sockets on the outside and 1 central fluted socket, ideal for serving verrines for the day's desserts or a starter during a seminar group. Speed ​and regularity assured.​

The Jade tray is made up of 5 plain sockets on the outside and 1 central fluted socket

The Opal tray is made up of 3 externally fluted sockets interspersed with 3 plain sockets.

The Onyx tray is made up of 5 Saint Honoré sockets outside.

Linear Trays

Rectilinear in shape, these trays allow you to decorate finger type desserts in the blink of an eye.

The tray is made up of either 3 plain sockets or 3 fluted sockets.

With a width of 6 cm, it is also suitable for the square or rectangle bases pies and tartelettes and makes it easier to cover a 40x60 pastry frame.

For Numbers cakes, for example, this allows you to reduce handling and have a more regular and homogeneous result.

Les plateaux Ephémères

For each occasion, its motif - For example, pipe the Chantilly in the shape of a Heart on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.

The Sultane nozzle, a great classic for making Religious, also allows you to give an original shape to your meringues...

Les plateaux Mini / Cocktails

Whether for a dinner aperitif, a savory bite or a sweet treat to accompany coffee, the pipping made with this tray will make the difference.

Circular in shape, this tray allows you to garnish tartlet bases with a diameter of 4cm, but also cocktail verrines or mini blinis.

The tray is made up of 5 fluted sockets..

Singles Tips/noozles and the cap

Have you prepared today's deserts, and there is still some left in your pipping bag ?

Remove the Multidouille housing, and screw in the fluted or plain nozzle of your choice - Perfect for preparing sweets for coffee using the same piping bag.

Is there any left in the piping bag?

No more poorly filmed and identified piping bags... At the end of service or production, unscrew the housing or the single nozzle, and close the pipping bag hermetically using the cap.

Videos of our Multidouille

News and Recipes

multidouille - patisserie

​First challenge : Pati- multidouille challenge

How to pipe 7 shortbreads in 7 seconds consistently? With 7 nozzles? With 7 pastry chefs?​

We'll explain how we overcame this challenge!

Photo de plusieurs tartelettes crémeux caramel et set Opale monté sur une poche à douille

Caramel cream tartlets

An dessert idea from our Chef Denis. He shows you how to make delicious caramel cream tartlets and quickly decorate them with the Opal mutidouille tray.


About us

​Welcome to ChefInov!  We are pleased to present you a new baking tool : the multidouille. Just one press is all it takes.. the decoration is done!

ChefInov is above all a family story. We noticed that making pastry decorations took time and required a lot of concentration and mastery. It was therefore necessary to facilitate this work without losing quality.

Thanks to current cutting-edge technology, we were able to bring the idea to life and complete the prototypes that led to the final product: the Multidouille.

This new concept allows you to create a variety of decorations for your sweet or savory preparations with precision and consistency in just a few seconds

You can read more here  

douille - pâtisserie
Immerse yourself in the kitchen...

Les desserts du groupe sont réclamés. On dresse et poche avec la Multidouille Jade.

Honey-roasted pineapple, cinnamon shortbread, fig and whipped cream.

verrine - douille - patisserie
Here's a refreshingly simple verrine dessert for Saint Patrick's Day.

A video presentation of our Rubis multidouille used to decorate these mint-coconut and chocolate verrines.

It takes just a few seconds to complete, and the result is precise and consistent.

Coconut panacotta, mint jelly and chocolate ganache.

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The pastry tips and our  multidouille

Discover the revolution in pastry-making with the Multidouille, the must-have utensil for all cooking and pastry enthusiasts! You've never imagined how simple, quick and consistent decorating your cakes and cupcakes could be,

Turn your sweet creations into real works of art with the Multidouille. Give free rein to your creativity and impress your friends and family with desserts that look like they've just come out of a famous patisserie.

The Multidouille is much more than just a pastry case, it's a versatile tool that will transform the way you prepare and decorate your desserts. Here are just a few reasons why you'll love this culinary innovation:

  1. Ultimate versatility: The Multidouille is equipped with several interchangeable trays, allowing you to create a variety of patterns and decors... anything is possible in the twinkling of an eye.
  2. Ease of use: The ergonomic design of the Multidouille ensures a comfortable grip and precise control. Even novice pastry chefs will be able to create professional decorations in no time. The Multidouille fits all commercially available disposable or silicone piping bags.
  3. Time-saving: Thanks to the Multidouille, you can decorate your cakes in the blink of an eye (or rather with just one press). No more juggling between different sockets, you'll have everything you need in a single utensil.
  4. Superior quality: The Multidouille is made from high-quality materials to current food standards, guaranteeing durability and longevity. It's also easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for everyday use.
  5. You don't need to be a professional to make decorations worthy of a pastry chef. It's ideal for beginners, while offering advanced options for experts.
  6. ? Speed and consistency: The Multidoubler lets you achieve exceptional levels of speed and consistency in your decorating. In an instant, you can evenly decorate an entire cake, cupcakes or biscuits, saving precious time for other stages of your preparation.
  7. Uniform decoration: The Multidoubler features a precise pressure system, guaranteeing uniform decoration every time. Your cakes, cupcakes and biscuits will look professional every time.
  8. Endless inspiration: On the site we've put together a few recipes and techniques to help you unleash your creativity in the kitchen. Create spectacular desserts or savoury dishes to impress your friends and family at any occasion.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionise your pastry-making experience. The Multidouille is the essential utensil for any cooking and pastry enthusiast in search of perfection and creativity. Order your Multidouille set today and let your culinary imagination run wild!