My new pastry tool

One press is all it takes... the decoration is done!

With just one press of the piping bag, garnish and create a variety of decorations easily, with your favorite cream.

Sweet or savory, pipe all your usual creams and preparations

Piping Nozzles - Decorating Piping Tips - Decorating Piping Icing Tips - How to properly use a piping bag?

No mistakes, always the sames…

One press is all it takes..

Time saving

Depending on the tray chosen, various forms of decorations .

Handles like a traditional socket .

Perfect little gifts for everyone, whatever the occasion.

Decorating Piping Tips and Piping Bags for professionals

Set with 1 Multidouille tray of your choice –  Rubis / Jade / Opale / Onyx

Large Size Piping Nozzle

27 €    

Set with 4 Multidouille trays and stopper

Box of pastry nozzles

54 € 

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How to properly use a piping bag? The video tutorial – Depending on your decorative desires, combine the pastry bag with different Multidouille nozzles

CHEFINOV has come up with a new concept for decorating your culinary preparations: the MULTIDOUILLE. This innovative utensil is simple to use and handles just like a traditional pastry bag. Fast and consistent, a single press is all it takes to decorate your pastries without any false notes. Various trays available. 

Made in France

Food contact and professional quality

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